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Should you have a website?

The short answer is yes.

Having your own website does three major things for your brand:

  • You own the real estate and can do whatever you want. Content, style, visuals. It’s all yours.
  • Your email address can have your domain name rather than @gmail or @comcast.
  • Your website is the hub of your brand; everything builds off this platform.

Isn’t having a website expensive?

Cost: You can get website hosting (a company that stores your website files on its servers) for about $50 a year. Installing WordPress is free. Domain name registration is about $15 a year. A pre-built template is commonly a one-time cost that ranges from free to about $100.

Time: You will spend anywhere from a couple of days to a week getting the site set up. If you don’t have the skills or the time, it’s easy to hire someone to do the install and set up. Depending on how much you hire out, expect to spend anywhere from $100 – $500. Ongoing, your time will mostly be content creation.

DIY cost: about  $75 a year plus one-time template cost.

DFY cost: about $75 a year plus one-time design/tech installation of $100 – $500.

Not ready to commit to a website?

I would highly recommend getting your name domain (Ex: Reserve as soon as you can. It will cost about $15 a year to just hold the site so no one else can claim it.

Once you have a domain, add email. Many domain registrars will allow you to add an email-only account for about $50 a year. This gives you a more professional appearance of (Ex:

It is easier to brand around your own name – and you own the real estate. It can’t be taken away if you switch jobs or someone changes their terms of service.

If you are not ready to jump into a website, reserve your domain name (Ex: Even though there are loads of alternative domain extensions (.tv, .info, .media) try for a .com address. It is still the default of most people’s searches. You can reserve a secondary domain if you wish, but try for a .com first.

Read more about website pros and cons and website alternatives at

Patricia Browne

Patricia Browne is a Branding Expert. For over 15 years. she has helped clients with content management, website design and web content, and copywriting.

She brings that experience together to help individuals create powerful, personal brands that connect with the client's audience.

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