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Here are a few of my favorite resources:

Global Social Media Statistics: Smart Insights

Social is constantly changing. You not only need to know where it’s been – but where it’s predicted to go. Pay attention to the social channels that are most important and relevant to your audience.

Great post about social media trends and forecasts for 2016. Click here

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Half (or more) of all content is viewed on mobile devices. For some social channels, that number is much higher. If you are reaching your audience through social, pay attention to the trends and predictions – and make sure your content is not only viewable, but also easy to use.

Check websites to see if they are truly mobile-ready. Click here


Lead Magnet Ideas

As you grow your brand, you may wish to either bring readers back to your website or sign them up on your email list. To entice them, you offer them something of value. This takes many names (ethical bribe, lead magnet, incentive) but all lead to the same thing: more eyeballs where you want them.

Stuck for ideas to create an irresistible offer? Digital Marketer has nine great ideas in this post. Click here.


Getting Started with Email Marketing

As you build your brand, you should consider creating your own email list. And once you have that list, you want to stay in contact with your tribe on a regular basis. Email marketing can help you plan a logical rollout to bring clients on, and then stay in touch – and even automate the process.

These video lessons by Mailchimp offer a great overview of what you can do to use email in your marketing.About 70 minutes of content in 12 short videos. Click here.


What is an editorial calendar for content marketing?

Creating and executing a marketing plan is more than half the battle in building your brand. A calendar lets you consistently tell your story and post social media and blog posts around annual events and holidays. Read this fast guide to setting up a calendar. Click here.


How to set up Google Alerts

Google Alerts are the best way to stay on top of keywords (such as your name, company names, or industry) and always know what’s happening. As you build your brand, tracking mentions is even more important.

Good overview of how-to and more importantly WHY to set up Google Alerts. Click here.


Feedly Tutorial

Feedly is a genius way to have a never-ending source of material for your social media and your website. Feedly lets you define the sources you already read and pulls content out, delivering it to you in one fast-to-skim Setting up your feed, must-read sources, and more are all covered in this tutorial. Click here.


Landing Pages – Tutorial from Quick Sprout

Why should you care about landing pages? Two reasons: they give your site visitor a tailored experience (you create a page that references where they came from so they stay longer on your site) AND they allow you to set up a give away or lead magnet to collect email addresses.

This is a thorough guide from QuickSprout. Click here.


Click-worthy social media profiles

Your social media profile or bio is often overlooked in the rush to create content. This overview gives great tips to maximize your profile in a variety of accounts as well as general dos and don’ts for creating a bio that gets searched and found.

This guide by UnBounce gives some great, actionable advice. Click here.

Patricia Browne

Patricia Browne is a Branding Expert. For over 15 years. she has helped clients with content management, website design and web content, and copywriting.

She brings that experience together to help individuals create powerful, personal brands that connect with the client's audience.

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