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Promote your content

If you are creating tailored content for your audience, now it’s time to go back to these same places and tell your clients that you have solutions to their problems.

Find discussions around your topic and post a response with a link back to your content.

Super-bonus tip: add visuals. Graphics or videos increase engagement. Use a simple site such as Canva to create fast graphics that will make your content stand out.

Extra Super-bonus tip: Participate in the conversation. When someone posts an answer, respond. Comment, ask a follow up question, post a resource. Be engaged.

This does two things: keeps the conversation at the top of the flow (recent active posts generally stay near the top of most social media feeds) and increases your social engagement – which Google rewards.

Patricia Browne

Patricia Browne is a Branding Expert. For over 15 years. she has helped clients with content management, website design and web content, and copywriting.

She brings that experience together to help individuals create powerful, personal brands that connect with the client's audience.

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