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Is your brand ready for mobile?

Half of all internet traffic is now mobile – is your content?

Mobile is growing. Make sure that whatever content you create tests across all devices.

Try Google’s free Mobile-Friendly test site (see resources) to make sure that your content – and your brand visuals – are easily viewable.

You only have a couple of seconds before a visitor decides to stay and view or bounce away from your content. You got them to your content, don’t chase them off because they have to pinch and scroll.

Super-bonus tip: use buttons for clickable links in your mobile content. It can be frustrating to tap-tap-tap on a text link that just won’t connect with your fingertip.

Patricia Browne

Patricia Browne is a Branding Expert. For over 15 years. she has helped clients with content management, website design and web content, and copywriting.

She brings that experience together to help individuals create powerful, personal brands that connect with the client's audience.

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