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Content has to be relevant – but it does not have to be original

Curated content (content that you have found and passed along) can be just as powerful as original content – with a couple of rules.

First – only use curated content that is really good and advances your brand and adds to the conversation you are having with your customers. If you find a great recipe, only post it if you are selling food or have a cooking-related business. Save (most of) the personal stuff for your blog or personal Facebook page.

Second – add your commentary or review. Read the content and glean out the relevant facts for your readers. Tell them why it’s important. Highlight key parts for the skimmers in your audience.

Super-bonus tip: curate your content by setting up Google Alerts and Feedly. You will get custom content delivered to you that you can easily choose to share.

Patricia Browne

Patricia Browne is a Branding Expert. For over 15 years. she has helped clients with content management, website design and web content, and copywriting.

She brings that experience together to help individuals create powerful, personal brands that connect with the client's audience.

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